First HSE Service

Well its the end of another week and an emotional and amazing day here at BBSE. Since all the hard work that went into this group from that text message from Martin O Driscoll in Blood Bikes South on the 28th of March 2020 asking if id be interested in setting up a group here in the South East, to having our first solo run on or very own HSE Service level agreement this morning. Until now we have been working with other Blood Bike groups carrying out link ups, but we are now officially recognised by the HSE to serve or hospitals with our second SLA on the way. The months of hard work have finally paid off. Blood Bikes South East is here to stay and come from a dream to a reality. Today is a day for reminiscing on the long and sometimes frustrating journey that BBSE has had over the last ten months and the unbelievable amount of work that has gone into this by an amazing group of people for no reward other than the success of the group. The faces of friends we’ve made. The bonds we’ve created. The first run you done. All of us here at BBSE cant thank all of you enough for your help and support. There’s so many of you now to list. Firstly thank you to BBSE volunteer Tom Martin our hospital liaison for making this happen. Thank you to all the other Blood Bike groups around the country for their help, support and advice. Thank you to our sponsors and those who went above and beyond to give us the leg up that we needed, And Thank you to all the volunteers for giving up their time and believing that this was worthy cause.
Below you can see pictured the beaming face of BBSE volunteer Ronnie Evans carrying out our first HSE run. Also pictured below is BBSE volunteer John Delaney carrying out his first run for BBSE on family support for a family in North Wexford. Thank you for your service. Also a big thank you to our controller this week Suzanne ( Mammy ) Holwill who was thrown in at the deep end this morning and saved the day. Also Garry Downing our newest recruit who had his first shift this weekend and also on shift this weekend was Niall Burke and Eric Lalor a big thanks to them. Finally thanks to you our community for your support and all the donations that were made over the last ten months. With out your support we couldn’t do the work we do. Thank you so much.
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